[Scons-users] Need clarifications about --implicit-deps-unchanged

Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Thu Dec 15 15:24:34 EST 2016

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 10:01 AM, Pierre-Luc Boily <
pierreluc.boily at gmail.com> wrote:

> Not entirely
> So, you said, about  --implicit-deps-unchange option "*.... or any files
> included there in*"
> That's the thing about my mis-understanding.
> 1 - I changed MaxsimAdapter.h (located in sr/sra/maxsim ->
> libsr_sra_maxsim.lib)
> 2 - flatUI program includes MaxsimAdapter.h and depends (with LIB) on
> libsr_sra_maxsim.lib
> 3 - Launch scons -u -j4 --max-drift=1 --implicit-deps-unchanged within
> sr/sra/src/flatui
> 4 - I can see in the scons output MaxsimAdapter.h being recompiled.
> Reading the definition of the --implicit-deps-unchanged I was expecting
> scons to NOT recompiled MaxsimAdapter.h.

You compile a .h file?
All the flag says to SCons is don't try to determine if there are new
It still check's dependencies to see if targets are out of date.
(If you're familiar with the make/makedepend paradigm, then think of this
flag as not rerunning makedepend)

> My guess is MaxsimAdapter.h is not a dependency the way it is described.

You can see all the known dependencies via: scons --implicit-deps-unchanged
If anything that's dependency changes it will rebuild the appropriate part
of the dependency tree.

Is that clearer?

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