[Scons-users] 'MSVS' Environment variable contents

Andrew C. Morrow andrew.c.morrow at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 22:24:30 EST 2015

> that's correct...source and documentation seem to be a little out of sync
> in this department. I'll open an issue ticket...


>  Is the documentation simply incorrect? If so, is there any way in SCons
>> 2.3 to ask the MS tool subsystem for the paths to things
>> like MSVC, the SDK, etc.?
> I'm not an expert for the VS/VC Tools, but you should be able to read out
> the selected version from the variables MSVC_VERSION/MSVS_VERSION in the
> environment.
> The output of the MSVS setup batch files are parsed, and the variables
> in env['ENV'], should get set according to the used paths.
> Does this help?

Unfortunately, not really. I actually need to know the path because I want
to access a file (that is neither a library nor a header) that is bundled
with the SDK. I simply want to copy that file somewhere else, but I'd
prefer to just re-use the detection that SCons performs to locate the SDK.
The PLATFORMSDKDIR would have been perfect, but it seems it is not really
an option.

Thanks for your help,
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