[Scons-users] Tracing the loading of SConscript files

Vasily just.one.man at yandex.ru
Fri Dec 25 04:46:26 EST 2015

Maybe showing changes to fs.currentDirectory and variant dir mappings as
they happen could help here?

24 дек. 2015 г. 23:30 пользователь "Stefan Seefeld" <stefan at seefeld.name>

> On 24.12.2015 15:22, Bill Deegan wrote:
> > Stefan,
> >
> > So something like --debug=sconscript  and then it would print out the
> > location of the file(s) being loaded?
> Yes, basically a little elaboration where by default I only see "scons:
> done reading SConscript files."  (Sorry for being vague on the details -
> I don't understand the exact mechanism by which these files are being
> looked up. That's the point why I'm asking for it. :-) )
> > I'm not sure what the second item would look like, can you be more
> > specific?
> Yeah, I'm not very clear, sorry for that ! I just noticed during my
> debugging that something *in* a SConscript file was messing up the state
> so a subsequent call to VariantDir() would cause an error (as reported).
> I still don't know what exactly that was; I just managed to rewrite my
> code to work.
> I was hoping that some information about the internal state as these
> SConscript files are being processed might reveal the error in my code
> more easily.
> Thanks,
>         Stefan
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