[Scons-users] minor website improvements

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Thu Dec 24 15:45:07 EST 2015


As I was searching for scons documentation, I ran into a few minor
issues. Hopefully they are easy to fix:

* Googling for scons-related help brings up lots of documentation links
to older versions of the docs, which appear to be available without
being explicitly listed in http://www.scons.org/. I suggest that:

   - more versions of docs are explicitly listed on
http://www.scons.org/ (or perhaps a separate "older releases" page).
     For example, Fedora 23 comes with scons 2.3.6,  and I suspect that
many distributions contain even older version.
     It would be good to allow users to find the corresponding docs more

   - Include a link in all older versions that points to the current
version. If people just follow the google links they may end up
     reading outdated documentation without noticing it.

* The "Mailing List" page (http://www.scons.org/lists.php) appears a
little outdated. Since you are now using Mailman, it might be
   easiest to refer to the associated archives (e.g.
https://pairlist4.pair.net/pipermail/scons-users/) rather than some
   archival service (e.g. GMANE)
* It would be extremely useful to have a search facility built into the

I know, all of the above takes effort to implement, so please take these
suggestions constructively. I have no idea what tools were used to build
the current website, and how difficult it is to change / add to.
"Patches are welcome" is a perfectly fine reply to all of this. ;-)



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