[Scons-users] error with gettext (translate) on some systems

Gary Oberbrunner garyo at oberbrunner.com
Sun Sep 23 16:06:41 EDT 2012

On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 6:49 AM, Kraus Philipp
<philipp.kraus at flashpixx.de> wrote:

> Hello,


> I'm using the translate builder for creating translation file. On some

> systems it works fine, but on other (my Linux) the


> env = Environment( variables=vars, tools = ["default", "gettext"], BUILDERS

> = { ... } )


> creates an error: EnvironmentError No tool named 'gettext' not a Zip file


> On my OSX gettext / msginit is found and works, on my Linux the error is

> shown, but gettext and its tools are installed.


> How can I solve the problem, so the gettext files are found or can I check

> if the tools exists and modify the env = Environment call, so that no error

> is occurs

Where is your gettext executable? Look in Tools/GettextCommon.py to
see how it looks for gettext; you might need to set env['ENV']['PATH']
to include your dir if it's in an unusual place.


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