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Sun Sep 13 09:25:05 EDT 2015

I don't understand how the deluxe LP can be so stupidly expensive.
I just ordered the new John Grant LP, double colour vinyl,  from Rough
Trade for £20, +£5 post, which is an average price
(I buy a lot of vinyl).

On Pledge, shipping to Norway, Pylon is £53.50. On Amazon, before shipping,
it is £39.
Just frigging ridiculous. And the saddest thing is, I'm probably going to
buy one.

On 13 September 2015 at 01:24, T.B. <planetary at socal.rr.com> wrote:

> Simon Usher wrote:
> So is the deluxe LP that is on Aamazon not on coloured vinyl and does not
> have the lenticular sleeve ?
> Cause it's hell of a lot cheaper than Pledge.
> +++++++++++++++++
> I am assuming the two versions of the vinyl album listed on Amazon are the
> same as what's being offered on Pledge.
> Ordering the regular and deluxe vinyl albums and the deluxe cd, at least
> for
> us in the USA it comes out to $101.53 on Pledge vs about $140 (using Global
> Priority shipping) from Amazon UK.  Just ordering the Deluxe vinyl album by
> itself compares as $66 via Pledge vs $85 from Amazon (Global Priority).
> Using Amazon's Standard shipping cuts it way down to $55.00 but I would
> *not* recommend anyone in the US use Amazon UK's standard shipping
> especially for vinyl albums.
> A word of caution about ordering from Pledge for those here in the US -
> yesterday I tried ordering the two album versions and the deluxe cd and two
> different credit cards wouldn't go through.  Within hours, both CC
> companies
> called me alerting me to "suspicious activity" due to (my) attempt to buy
> from the site.  Apparently Pledge or whatever business in the UK that will
> be fulfilling these orders, at least for us in the US is on some sort of
> watch list by major CC companies due to numerous fraud complaints and if
> you
> want to go ahead and place the order, you need to specifically call your CC
> company during the week to tell them you want to make a legitimate purchase
> from that site.  I almost simply used my Paypal account but held off when I
> realized Amazon apparently will carry the same items.  What a pain in the
> ass.
> At this point, I don't know which option I will go for right now - I'm
> holding off for a bit before deciding.  I'm pretty confident if I order
> from
> Pledge, I will get whatever versions I chose and pay for.  However, I've
> heard some bad stories about how poorly the last KJ project was packaged
> and
> they probably will take forever to get here. My "Down By The River" CD/DVD
> took about a month from the date it was shipped.  Amazon on the other hand
> may not get a decent allotment of the Deluxe LP resulting in it being "out
> of stock" right away and shipping everything else regardless.  Plus, they
> are going to be much more expensive with overseas shipping.
> I really hope What Records will carry all the versions as I've always had
> great service from them.
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