[kj] Pylon on Pledge

T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Sat Sep 12 19:24:33 EDT 2015

Simon Usher wrote:

So is the deluxe LP that is on Aamazon not on coloured vinyl and does not
have the lenticular sleeve ?
Cause it's hell of a lot cheaper than Pledge.


I am assuming the two versions of the vinyl album listed on Amazon are the
same as what's being offered on Pledge.

Ordering the regular and deluxe vinyl albums and the deluxe cd, at least for
us in the USA it comes out to $101.53 on Pledge vs about $140 (using Global
Priority shipping) from Amazon UK.  Just ordering the Deluxe vinyl album by
itself compares as $66 via Pledge vs $85 from Amazon (Global Priority).
Using Amazon's Standard shipping cuts it way down to $55.00 but I would
*not* recommend anyone in the US use Amazon UK's standard shipping
especially for vinyl albums.

A word of caution about ordering from Pledge for those here in the US -
yesterday I tried ordering the two album versions and the deluxe cd and two
different credit cards wouldn't go through.  Within hours, both CC companies
called me alerting me to "suspicious activity" due to (my) attempt to buy
from the site.  Apparently Pledge or whatever business in the UK that will
be fulfilling these orders, at least for us in the US is on some sort of
watch list by major CC companies due to numerous fraud complaints and if you
want to go ahead and place the order, you need to specifically call your CC
company during the week to tell them you want to make a legitimate purchase
from that site.  I almost simply used my Paypal account but held off when I
realized Amazon apparently will carry the same items.  What a pain in the

At this point, I don't know which option I will go for right now - I'm
holding off for a bit before deciding.  I'm pretty confident if I order from
Pledge, I will get whatever versions I chose and pay for.  However, I've
heard some bad stories about how poorly the last KJ project was packaged and
they probably will take forever to get here. My "Down By The River" CD/DVD
took about a month from the date it was shipped.  Amazon on the other hand
may not get a decent allotment of the Deluxe LP resulting in it being "out
of stock" right away and shipping everything else regardless.  Plus, they
are going to be much more expensive with overseas shipping.

I really hope What Records will carry all the versions as I've always had
great service from them.

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