[kj] "Pylon" is #10 on Rolling Stone's "Top 20 Metal Albums of 2015": Let the indignation commence...

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So, I posted this on FB, as I post many things about KJ on FB, and started a mini-shitstorm because "KJ aren't metal!!!"

Whatever. It's mainstream recognition and if it results in another 200 people actually buying the album, then it's a good thing. The "Official" KJ FB page subsequently posted the link and the playground snits in the comments section are hilarious, if you have some time this afternoon.

"Pylon" has been named to another half-dozen "Best Metal Albums of 2015" lists that I've found already. Half the bands on the RS list aren't "metal," inc. FNM, Refused, Tau Cross, etc. It's just a generic catch-all for heavy music and, like it or not, the majority of KJ's recent coverage comes from metal media. Do we really expect Rolling Stone to have a "Best Unquantifiable Post-Punk Albums of 2015" list? I get that KJ belong to no genre, blah blah, but I suspect the band would like to, you know, actually sell some copies and make some money off this one.

Anyway here's the RS list. I recommend the Tau Cross, Refused, Clutch and Ghost albums; others may feel differently. De gustibus est non disputandum.
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