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Agreed that I probably won't like the band, but what he said about Complications was pretty much spot on. (Disclaimer - I wouldn't know if a song had 4 chords or 40, so I can't comment on the muso stuff.)


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"Scar the Martyr" is a Slipknot side-project. They are currently on tour with Korn and Rob Zombie. Let the hail of rotten vegetables commence...


The deluxe version of Scar The Martyr contains a cover of ‘Complications’ by KILLING JOKE, which appeared on their self-titled debut in 1980. “It’s a super, super catchy song. It’s got four chords to it, including the chorus. It’s one of the simplest songs from one of the most important bands of the post-punk era; I like everything about that song! It’s so hypnotic. Of course I brought up the tempo; the Killing Joke version is a lot different. It’s more flow-y, and this is more of a charge. I metalled the fuck out of it! But at the same time it almost doesn’t sound like a metal track; there’s no lead guitar solo, nothing complicated about it. It’s ironic me saying complicated, but I just love the words to that song. Killing Joke is one of my favourite bands, ever. I’ve wanted to cover that song for 15 years. I’m not really into covers, but something about that spoke to me. So when I was in the studio, I did two takes of it. It’s not a hard song, but I was so into it. I made it heavy as shit, but still kept the natural feeling and I think it turned out cool. It was fun to do.”

The only place I could find the cover track is on a skeevy Vietnamese torrent site that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. I'll post it if I ever find a clean copy.

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