[kj] Genealogy of a riff

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listening again and again to siekiera's nowa aleksandria and I'm still impressed how good Polish music was behind the iron curtain.... funny that they toured later on with killing joke in their new ARMIA line-up (killing joke are also credited on the fabulous LEGENDA album, still one of my all-time favourites!!!!!).... about life goes on, wasn't that Geordie's answer after being asked about Kurt Nobrain's death :o)
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Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 20:31:48 -0600
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Subject: [kj] Genealogy of a riff

Here's a blog entry at my resuscitated Cultpunk blog/site.
The entry's about the many bands that have recycled Killing Joke's "The Wait" riff, with examples of all the ones I've been able to find.




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