Geoffrey ODonoghue go1845 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 22 18:29:59 EST 2007

Whoa there a minute. Now I know I'm probably being picky here Alex, but you are on record here as rating HFTBOH as worse than OTG.

"Killing Joke still reigns supreme over anything else you can
name, despite the fact that HOSANNAS is without question their worst
album ever (yes, that's right -- WORSE THAN OUTSIDE THE FUCKING GATE)."

Surely you must have been almost suicidal in comparison when KJ coughed up HFTBOH! Unless Hosannas is not really that terrible after all ;)


PS - Intent doesn't come over very well in emails. This one is intended as a gentle dig.

Alex Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> wrote:
That all said, *ABSOLUTELY NOTHING* can compare to the jaw-dropping disbelief and abject disapointment I felt when I first heard "America" (to say nothing of the rest of the album that spawned it).

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