[kj] Recent KJ trivia (and Raven)

Robert Mallett Robert at jrcardwell.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Jun 1 08:04:13 EDT 2006

You can only do what you think is appropriate and they are not really open to critisism on that subject. How can that be naiive?

practical application. i still am anarchically inclined, but gave up any idea of changing anything fundamental decades ago. i agree that it's better than sitting on your arse etc etc. but i came to view the world as irredeemably fucked, and these days just watch as things fall apart. i'm not a pessimist by any stretch, and live life to the full. but making fundamental changes through political activity simply cannot be done. as the Joke said all those years ago, it's evolution. but i understand where you're coming from, and respect you for it.

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