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Although i don't agree with torture,Until they find another way of making
people tell the truth,Then i don't see any other option.
    Take the Guantanamo bay prisoners,These are a hard-line ,well trained
fighting force.They have lived a brutal existence,where a victorious death
is always "just around the corner".They have been trained to give false
information,indeed the US military even found it difficult finding out these
peoples real names,As they gave a different one everytime.
    Take "Abu Hamza" for example,He is currently in jail in England and
wanted  the USA for terror charges,He fought against the Russians with the
Mujahadeen and lost one eye and an arm.He says absolutely nothing and
refuses to attend court,He just sits there with his two fingers
raised,laughing at our soft ways.Say if someone like ipat walked in there
and started heating up a red-hot poker and asked him to bend over,Then Im
sure Abu-Hamza would "prefer" to attend court.
     We are dealing with a tough bunch of people,Where torture is part of
the law & order process,If they get arrested  by their own police,They
realise that if they don't co-operate then they are in for some treatment
,So I just see it as a continuation of their ways.
   I have actually seen someone just after they ve been chained up and
whipped.And when you hear the screams,It really does make you be more
co-operative and respectful.

 (Officially ending "The honeymoon period ":-))))))

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God that¹s scary and depressing ­ the worlds going mad.
So this is this freedom of speech Dubya¹s so proud of eh?
Sounds like it¹s becoming more of a dictatorship each day.

I read about a TV programme this week where volunteers were subjected to the
methods used at Guantánamo Bay (I always get the tune Montego Bay in my head
when I hear that)
Anyway these techniques have been taken from US military manuals.
Sleep deprivation is illegal under international law, but the US military (&
no doubt the rest of us) are tweaking definitions to get round its usage.
This is now termed ³sleep adjustment¹ and if a detainee escapes torture by
taking his own life, he is not a suicide victim but guilty of ³manipulative
self-injurious behaviour²
Also mentions  the Special Removal Unit, a secretive US kidnap team that
abducts people suspected of terrorism and hands them over to countries where
they will be tortured for information.
One point made that really rung true to me is that ³torturers only ever find
out what they want to hear²

This isn¹t me having a dig at the US ­ it¹d be naive to presume this isn¹t
going on everywhere and by everyone & has been in various forms since the
year dot.
I just found it depressingly interesting.

On 2/3/05 6:54 am, "Matthew Burke" wrote:

> No relevance to the list, this is just the next best thing to screaming
> the window.
> An eighteen year old in Kentucky has been arrested and faces 2nd degree
> charges of terroristic threatening for writing a story about zombies.  No,
> not kidding.  Look out George Romero . . .
> http://www.lex18.com/global/story.asp?s=2989614&ClientType=Printable
> <http://www.lex18.com/global/story.asp?s=2989614&amp;ClientType=Printable>


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