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I did some similar shopping and found that higher spec laptops are available with faster processors for less money. Then add a wireless adaptor pcmcia card for about 40 quid and you can get transfer rates of 54 mbps as opposed to the 11mbps offered by centrino. you can still connect to wi-fi at the lower rates.

with the money saved, invest in a wireless adsl modem/router (about 80 quid) for the home, invite your friends round with their laptops and all share the same connection. add on webcams and set up a video chat room and you'll never need to look each other in the eye again. 
well, it saved my marriage anyway
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  I know we will all regret this...haha

  Well, I know that new, the lower end machines are about $1,000.00 (USD  
  of course...). and as far as internet goes, it is WI-FI compatible, so  
  if you are in a Wi-Fi area, you should automatically get internet. Just  
  turn the machine on and you should pull an IP address. I know there are  
  zones in  California, I think in the Bay area, that consist of entire  
  neighborhoods that have a Wi-Fi connection, but check locally.  
  Otherwise, I think a wireless connection will cost you some money per  
  month. Around $30.00 - $50.00 a month in the states...so should be  
  about the same amount in the UK. Still, not a bad deal at all. I am  
  thinking of doing this as well. Linux does work on these machines too.




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  On Apr 29, 2004, at 4:19 AM, Paul Rangecroft wrote:

  > dear list about all things killing joke (the band),
  > i wonder if you can help me. i'm thinking of getting one them there  
  > 'centrino' laptops so i can annoy you all 24/7 (plus i could do  
  > website stuff offline and upload it with that too) but before i do i  
  > need to know what the real score is. what is the data transfer rate?  
  > do you have to pay for being online? is there a catch? and what's the  
  > cheapest you can get one for (prob. on ebay or at one of those  
  > computer fairs)? you can email me off list if you want to keep the OT  
  > down to a minimum, but others may be interested too so i'll leave that  
  > up to you. thanks in advance for any help.
  > ps jonno can't wait to hear your goodies. gotta agree about that  
  > weathergirl - don't forget she's on 'the impressionable john culshaw'  
  > on itv too. he does a good des lynam hitting on her "show me your warm  
  > front and i'll show you my ridge of high pressure" etc. soz i haven't  
  > sent yer list yet i'm trying honestly but none of the pcs will even  
  > open the file now i may have to type it up again coz i think it's  
  > corrupted.
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