[kj] OT centrino - what's all that about

Jester webmaster at killing-joke.com
Thu Apr 29 09:45:19 EDT 2004

I know we will all regret this...haha

Well, I know that new, the lower end machines are about $1,000.00 (USD  
of course...). and as far as internet goes, it is WI-FI compatible, so  
if you are in a Wi-Fi area, you should automatically get internet. Just  
turn the machine on and you should pull an IP address. I know there are  
zones in  California, I think in the Bay area, that consist of entire  
neighborhoods that have a Wi-Fi connection, but check locally.  
Otherwise, I think a wireless connection will cost you some money per  
month. Around $30.00 - $50.00 a month in the states...so should be  
about the same amount in the UK. Still, not a bad deal at all. I am  
thinking of doing this as well. Linux does work on these machines too.




"Psychos do not burst into flames when sunlight hits them. I don't give  
a fuck how crazy they are!"
On Apr 29, 2004, at 4:19 AM, Paul Rangecroft wrote:

> dear list about all things killing joke (the band),
> i wonder if you can help me. i'm thinking of getting one them there  
> 'centrino' laptops so i can annoy you all 24/7 (plus i could do  
> website stuff offline and upload it with that too) but before i do i  
> need to know what the real score is. what is the data transfer rate?  
> do you have to pay for being online? is there a catch? and what's the  
> cheapest you can get one for (prob. on ebay or at one of those  
> computer fairs)? you can email me off list if you want to keep the OT  
> down to a minimum, but others may be interested too so i'll leave that  
> up to you. thanks in advance for any help.
> ps jonno can't wait to hear your goodies. gotta agree about that  
> weathergirl - don't forget she's on 'the impressionable john culshaw'  
> on itv too. he does a good des lynam hitting on her "show me your warm  
> front and i'll show you my ridge of high pressure" etc. soz i haven't  
> sent yer list yet i'm trying honestly but none of the pcs will even  
> open the file now i may have to type it up again coz i think it's  
> corrupted.
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