[kj] OT: Final Word on 'Christian Rawk'

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>Culture Virus et al.,.......
>Seems we're all a little more reasonable on Sunday mornings. Wonder why 
>that is!
>Look, in all candor, my initial comments about Evanescence were basically 
>a dismisive joke. In truth, as Cutlure Virus, pointed out, their lyrics 
>only *VAGUELY* (from what I can hear) allude to their faith. But, it has 
>been largely documented that they sprang from the community of 'Christian 
>Rock'. And seriously --- regardless of your spiritual leanings, you must 
>admit me this: 'CHRISTIAN ROCK' AS A VIABLE GENRE is pretty damn awful 
>(please read: CHRISTIAN ROCK and *NOT* Rock made by Musicians who *HAPPEN* 
>to be Christians. I'm talking about a SPECIFIC GENRE). Said scene has yet 
>to produce an act that is capable of transcending the limitations of their 
>genre (i.e. constant allusions to worshiping the lord) and reached a 
>larger audience. The only real example that comes to mind is fuckin' Creed 
>(and please, please, please don't try to tell me that they don't suck!) 
>But all those other bands: DC3, Jars of Clay and whatnot....regardless of 
>their spirituality, I just happen to think their music isn't very good and 
>that they're way too caught up in "the message".

You're right about no bands transcending the genre with any real notoriety. 
The Christian rock scene doesn't claim Creed as one of their own nor did 
Creed start on any of the many Xian labels. So you can hate them just 
because they suck. As I said before I don't call myself Xian any more 
merely a Deist. Nor do I feel the need to defend the genre to any great 
degree. But I will say this; there's way more to the genre than what 
surfaces enough to be noticed by the general populace. As with any subgenre 
we all know that there's a great deal of dreck and a small number of really 
good bands.

Some day when there's not so much tension on the list, I'll tell everyone 
who doesn't know, about the one and two degrees of separation between KJ 
and the Christian rock scene.

>Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Killing Joke.

Long may they reign

>Alex in NYC

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