[kj] OT: Are we still talking about Evanescence here?

culture.virus gathering@misera.net
Sat, 20 Dec 2003 18:41:12 -0800

So were you actually going to respond with a reasoned defense of why your 
statement was not prejudiced or were you just going to play some sort of 
passive aggressive ad hominem game. Or have you decided that since I once 
self identified as evangelical that I am obviously below you and am not 
capable of seeing things in a objective light? Simply reinforcing an air of 
prejudice with the comment below may just be a wind-up but if not then 
would you please explain why you are not prejudiced towards people of a 
particular faith?

At 02:34 PM 12/20/03, you wrote:

>" And as a former evangelical Xian myself..."
>Ah, there we go then. That explains it.
>Alex in NYC
>On Saturday, December 20, 2003, at 03:18 PM, culture.virus wrote:
>>That may be Greg, but that's not what was said. The statement was that 
>>the music was by Xians and therefore moot. Evanescence's music is not of 
>>the bible-thumping/converting variety. In fact their label pulled their 
>>records from the shelves of Xian bookstores because they are something of 
>>an anathema to that particular part of the Xian subculture. And as a 
>>former evangelical Xian myself I'm well aware of the subculture and 
>>it's  thought patterns. I also know that there are hundreds of bands in 
>>that genre who just want to make the best music they can while not 
>>betraying firmly held religious beliefs. Their music may reflect their 
>>beliefs, but they don't have conversion as their primary focus.
>>I also want to reiterate what I was saying before, if it's only music by 
>>Xian's that is automatically bad, that is a prejudical statement. I've 
>>never heard this list tolerate prejudice in any form and for any off 
>>color remarks. Recently in the whole Peter West fiasco somebody used the 
>>term "ragheads" to describe Islamic people and was roundly chastised. Two 
>>days ago bluceree (and others in the past) called Xians "god-botherers" 
>>and not an eyebrow raised. It's really sad and laughable at the same. The 
>>one thing that won't be tolerated is intolerance. Isn't that what you said?
>>At 09:21 PM 12/19/03, you wrote:
>>>I think the reference to Christian music was specifically to Christian 
>>>rock, the bible-thumping purist kind that has as its only goal the 
>>>conversion of everyone to Christianity. Their listeners often listen to 
>>>no other music, for fear of being sinners. By the way, religious reggae 
>>>music is usually Rastifarian, which is a different religion that 
>>>Christianity (although it has aspect of it, as well as Judaism). I don't 
>>>think it's prejudiced to criticize a type of music that is only bent on 
>>>converting people, and tends to have listeners that are intolerant of 
>>>others (such as gays and atheists).
>>I am culturevirus

I am culturevirus