[kj] OT: Are we still talking about Evanescence here?

culture.virus gathering@misera.net
Sat, 20 Dec 2003 12:18:05 -0800

That may be Greg, but that's not what was said. The statement was that the 
music was by Xians and therefore moot. Evanescence's music is not of the 
bible-thumping/converting variety. In fact their label pulled their records 
from the shelves of Xian bookstores because they are something of an 
anathema to that particular part of the Xian subculture. And as a former 
evangelical Xian myself I'm well aware of the subculture and it's  thought 
patterns. I also know that there are hundreds of bands in that genre who 
just want to make the best music they can while not betraying firmly held 
religious beliefs. Their music may reflect their beliefs, but they don't 
have conversion as their primary focus.

I also want to reiterate what I was saying before, if it's only music by 
Xian's that is automatically bad, that is a prejudical statement. I've 
never heard this list tolerate prejudice in any form and for any off color 
remarks. Recently in the whole Peter West fiasco somebody used the term 
"ragheads" to describe Islamic people and was roundly chastised. Two days 
ago bluceree (and others in the past) called Xians "god-botherers" and not 
an eyebrow raised. It's really sad and laughable at the same. The one thing 
that won't be tolerated is intolerance. Isn't that what you said?

At 09:21 PM 12/19/03, you wrote:
>I think the reference to Christian music was specifically to Christian 
>rock, the bible-thumping purist kind that has as its only goal the 
>conversion of everyone to Christianity. Their listeners often listen to no 
>other music, for fear of being sinners. By the way, religious reggae music 
>is usually Rastifarian, which is a different religion that Christianity 
>(although it has aspect of it, as well as Judaism). I don't think it's 
>prejudiced to criticize a type of music that is only bent on converting 
>people, and tends to have listeners that are intolerant of others (such as 
>gays and atheists).

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