[kj] OT: Goth

Amy Moseley Rupp gathering@misera.net
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 16:35:37 -0600 (CST)

> Well, I seriously do think your on the right track here on certain aspects.
> But I donšt think kids of today party any more than we did. I know most of
> the people my wife works with and knows, peter out loooong before I do. And
> I am a sick bastard. They are surprisingly frail, and that does include my
> younger wife as well.

Yeah, American kids don't party like we did, but apparently Brit kids do.

> back down like a child. The point is, parents are frightened of their kids,
> refuse to discipline them, and then wonder why all the shit is torn
> up....turn around and blame society. Nah, kids arent worse than we were,
> they are just allowed to show it off like we werent, and then be
> disrespectful about it.

I dunno..... part of it, I think, is that some of us of our age
*did* see abusive behaviour and we don't want to repeat that
with our kids.  Another part is that when we were kids, there
were hordes of other kids to play with and our parents kicked
us out the house and said "go play dammit" whereas today one
is expected to play with one's kids cos everyone stays inside
and there are less kids in general.  Today's kids won't go out
unless it's 75 degrees exactly else it's too hot/cold outside.
Hell we played in the street till our feet were black and bloody
(no shoes).  These kids won't even go in their backyards.  Part
of it is that the preschools and schools teach kids to be
scared of all strangers and being without an adult in general
so they don't wanna.  I would never have insisted that my
mother stop making dinner and come outside and push my swing
for an hour.  I'd've just swung myself.

I don't know if you see this attitude there, Jester, but
I see it here.  Parents are *expected* to be their kids'
best buddies and you can't do that *and* be respected as
a discplinarian.  Really, you can't.