[Scons-users] Command with empty action turns a normal file target into a directory

Lem Ming ramboman777 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 20:04:57 EDT 2021

> Also why are you using a python action?
I am using Scons as a DAG that takes inputs (.csv) data and use python
functions to analyse the content of these .csv and output the results into
a target (.latex, .pdf, .csv, .tar, directory with other files)

> Also doing ` rm .sconsign.dblite` from inside a running SCons will cause
> errors.
I am testing the DAG in different circumstances so I get the proper
results, and also do not mess up my input files.

I still find it strange that, when the action is empty, that the Command
still does something to the target.

BTW if you know a better program to create a DAG that treats input files
(.csv for example) and outputs other files, please let me know.

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