[Scons-users] Minimum Version for Tools

Keith Prussing kprussing74 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 01:09:32 EDT 2021

I'm looking at updating a [Tool] I developed for working with Pandoc.
I originally developed it for SCons <4.0.  I noticed that
`SCons.Warnings.Warning` has changed to `SCons.Warnings.SConsWarning`
with version 4. I personally rarely care about old versions when I
could be using the latest and greatest.  However, I would prefer to be
nice to other potential users.

My question is: What minimum version of SCons is considered good
practice to support?  I can work out the details of determining the
SCons version, but it's rather verbose and ugly (IMHO).

[Tool]: https://github.com/kprussing/scons-pandoc

Keith Prussing

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