[Scons-users] AIX crashes with python3

Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Tue Jul 7 14:57:20 EDT 2020

There are cases where you want bytes.
(For example some of our tests it's better to get bytes than text)
Also text sometimes = universal new lines, which isn't separately
selectable and can cause win/posix compat issues.
So.. there are reasons.. and they are in the weeds, but also any code
expecting bytes (py27) will have the code change under them if the
effective default is changed.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 11:13 AM Rob Boehne <robb at datalogics.com> wrote:

> I think it was me who made it "work" with python3 and python2.7 so yeah -
> probably my fault for not doing this right - I've been doing this A LOT
> since then so I'm sure I can fix it better now.
> The whole issue makes me wonder why text output from subprocesses is not
> the default behavior in python3.  In the time frame of Python 3.0-3.3 I
> admit, I didn't pay much attention because it wasn't widely used (at a
> ChiPY meeting in 2013 an anecdotal raise of hands showed only 1 or 2% using
> python3 at work)
> On 7/7/20, 1:03 PM, "Mats Wichmann" <mats at wichmann.us> wrote:
>     On 7/7/20 12:00 PM, Rob Boehne wrote:
>     > Will do – I need to track down a similar problem in Tools/suncxx.py
>     > also, but I’ll put up PRs for both asap.
>     >
>     hmm, that should already be setting universal_newlines....
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