[Scons-users] AIX crashes with python3

Rob Boehne robb at datalogics.com
Tue Jul 7 14:13:54 EDT 2020

I think it was me who made it "work" with python3 and python2.7 so yeah - probably my fault for not doing this right - I've been doing this A LOT since then so I'm sure I can fix it better now.

The whole issue makes me wonder why text output from subprocesses is not the default behavior in python3.  In the time frame of Python 3.0-3.3 I admit, I didn't pay much attention because it wasn't widely used (at a ChiPY meeting in 2013 an anecdotal raise of hands showed only 1 or 2% using python3 at work)

On 7/7/20, 1:03 PM, "Mats Wichmann" <mats at wichmann.us> wrote:

    On 7/7/20 12:00 PM, Rob Boehne wrote:
    > Will do – I need to track down a similar problem in Tools/suncxx.py
    > also, but I’ll put up PRs for both asap.

    hmm, that should already be setting universal_newlines....

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