[Scons-users] Is it possible to obtain the real file path in SCONS generated dblite file?

Praveen Singh Chetpet pcsingh at qti.qualcomm.com
Thu Mar 28 22:29:55 EDT 2019


We use Variant Dir Feature from SCONS to build the object files and libraries in a different directory than where the source is located.
When we do this, SCons reports the source files as if they existed in the object/library directory rather than in the source directory.

Earlier my senior colleague Don has spent some time trying to get the sconsign tool to tell us the source directory, and tried other ways to check SCons implementation itself to see if we can find that information at build time, but haven't found anything concrete.

Could you please help us on obtaining the actual source directory rather than the place from where it is being compiled during build time, or please suggest if there is any other way?

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