[Scons-users] TypeError writing to stderror in MSCommon/Common.py [reformatted]

Joseph C. Brill jbrill at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 4 11:15:02 EST 2019

In addition to adding VSCMD_SKIP_SENDTELEMETRY to the vs_vc_vars list, it
would seem reasonable to add VSCMD_SKIP_SENDTELEMETRY=1 to the scons
environment dictionary IF it does NOT exist in the user's environment.  This
way, telemetry is disabled without requiring users to set the
VSCMD_SKIP_SENDTELEMETRY variable in their system environment.  Should a
user wish to enable telemetry, the value of the variable is passed anyway
via the vs_vc_vars list. However, without the powershell.exe folder in the
path list, invoking powershell.exe with the default path environment
(system32 and system32\wbem) is not going to work anyway.  The telemetry
variable might as well be added to the scons environment as disabled and
passed to the subprocess invocation via the vs_vc_vars list.

I had download the batch file to disable telemetry via the link in the
previous message prior to posting.  However, there is/was no mention of

As far as I know, in Visual Studio the only way to (partially) disable
telemetry is via the menu item Help->Send Feedback->Settings and then
selecting "No I would not like to participate".  As near as I can tell, this
does nothing for the environment variable in vsdevcmd.bat.

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