[Scons-users] TryRun with CacheDir crashes on Python 3

Hector Martin 'marcan' marcan at marcan.st
Tue Jun 26 23:55:22 EDT 2018

On 2018-06-27 07:50, Bill Deegan wrote:
> What's in your config.log file?

Nothing useful, just the one test

$ cat config.log
file /home/marcan/tmp/sc/SConstruct,line 13:
        Configure(confdir = .sconf_temp)
scons: Configure: Checking for a working C compiler
.sconf_temp/conftest_0.c <-
  |int a;

TBH, I think that's a bug in and of itself - there seems to be no way of
debugging this problem or getting a stacktrace other than hacking up the
SCons code with prints like I did.

Hector Martin "marcan" (marcan at marcan.st)
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