[Scons-users] Recursive directories, and the ignoring of filenames.

Matthew Marinets Matthew.Marinets at Kardium.com
Fri Aug 3 13:08:51 EDT 2018

To me it sounds more like you just need an emitter.
The bug you described (as I understood it), is that the built-in SCons decider is order-sensitive. Saying [“src/a.txt”, “src/b.txt”] is different from [“src/b.txt”, “src/a.txt”].
The simple solution, as Bill said, it to just sort your list. You can do this automatically in an emitter.

Additionally, from my experience, SCons builders really don’t like taking directories as sources.
--If you need a directory path in your command line, it should not come straight from $SOURCES
---Different variables that you define work fine, say $SOURCES_DIR
---Some SCons tools, particularly Java ones, use a node’s attributes; so you’d set a source’s attribute for, say, source_dir, and call it in the command with $SOURCE.attributes.source_dir
--If you still want to specify just the sources directory when you call your builder, you can do all this calculation automatically in an emitter.

“””My custom tool”””
Import os

from my_util import custom_recursive_glob

def emitter(target, source, env):
                “””Formats targets and sources;
The sources root directory will be assigned to $SOURCES_DIR,
The actual source files will be used by SCons for dependency checking
                assert os.isdir(str(source[0]))
                env[‘SOURCES_DIR’] = source
                source = custom_recursive_glob(source, pattern = “*.txt”)
                return target, source

def generate(env):
                env[‘MYBUILDERCOM’] = “ls -lR $SOURCES_DIR > $TARGET”
                env[‘BUILDERS’][‘MyBuilder’] = SCons.Builder.Builder(action = “$MYBUILDERCOM’”, emitter = emitter)

def exists(env):
                return True

env = Environment(tools = [“MyTool”], toolpath = [“path/to/MyTool”])
# build calls and such


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And what if you sort the list generated from os.walk? Then the order should be consistant...

On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 9:24 AM, Alistair Buxton <a.j.buxton at gmail.com<mailto:a.j.buxton at gmail.com>> wrote:
On 3 August 2018 at 14:56, Marc Branchaud <marcnarc at xiplink.com<mailto:marcnarc at xiplink.com>> wrote:

> I use os.walk() to make a big list of all the files.

This is affected by the bug I described, as are all methods which
build a list of filenames and pass it to scons.

Also os.walk ordering is arbitrary so this algorithm has a small
chance of causing random spurious rebuilds.

Alistair Buxton
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