[Scons-users] .Sbr file

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Mon Dec 12 13:04:54 EST 2016

Hi Pierre,

On 12.12.2016 16:02, Pierre-Luc Boily wrote:
> Hello,
> Our SCons build system generates *gigabyte *of sbr files.  We think this
> might slow down the compilation time and we were wondering if it is possible
> (and desirable) to turn this option of.  I found the microsoft page talking
> about /Fr option.  I also found  this old scons page
> <http://osdir.com/ml/programming.tools.scons.devel/2005-03/msg00013.html>
> talking about this option.  I check into the Dump() of my environment and i
> can't find the option.
> So :
> 1 - Is it possible to turn SBR file generation off?
> 2 - Is it desirable? (my assumption is totally yes in case of release build)
> 3 - Is it desirable if I want to use MSVSProject and MSVSSolution builder?

from what I find on the Internet (sorry, Linux user here) you'd have to actively switch this feature "on" with the /FR or /Fr 
option. So I wonder where this option comes from in your case. I searched the whole SCons code base, but can't find this option 
being set anywhere.

Perhaps you can take the time to clarify your question a little bit? Maybe by showing the current command-line, and how it *should* 
look like?

Best regards,


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