[Scons-users] repositories, link error on c++ (g++) objects

Dan McNaul danmcnaul at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 14:24:24 EDT 2015

I apologize.  I didn’t follow the procedures.  I already created issue #2999 for this. I consider this a bug, maybe you don't.  The issue has been around since I've
been using scons.  The tests were run using scons_2.3.4.

When using repositories, scons builds the "official" repository root correctly.
 Scons notices the ".cc" extension and uses g++ to do the build.

When doing the build in a "home" directory that searches the repository
("official"), scons picks up the ".o", but incorrectly chooses to link
it using gcc.  This results in a long list of linking errors.

I have attached a test suite that recreates this problem.  The tar file has a
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