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Bill Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
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In general, I'ved used the PDB as an argument to the builder so:

env.Program('tartget',[sources...], PDB='somefile.pdb')

If you post a sample of your SConstruct we can see what's happening, even
better a minimal example.


On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 4:21 AM, Tom Tanner (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON) <
ttanner2 at bloomberg.net> wrote:

> I started playing around with scons / qt4 on windows at home last week and
> have a couple of questions / oddities / potential issues
> 1) There's an env['PDB'] which according to the documentation you set to
> the name of the pdb file the linker should generate. Given that in the main
> you'd want it to be the same as the executable / DLL, couldn't you just set
> it to 'True'?. This'd be a lot of help in the project I'm trying to create
> an scons replacement build for as I'd just need to set this once in the
> SConstruct file to generate these for everything, rather than in each
> SConscript file. My experience with visual C++ 10 is if you link with
> /DEBUG you get a .pdb file with the expected name, without having to
> specify anything else to the linker.
> 2) For reasons that are beyond me, scons appears to be running the linker
> *twice* when it generates an executable. That is to say the output is along
> the lines of
> using temporary file xxxx for command
> link /OUT:thingie.exe <enormous command line>
> link /OUT:thingie.exe @xxxx
> using temporary file yyyy for command
> link /OUT:thingie.exe <enormous command line>
> link /OUT:thingie.exe @yyyy
> where the entire command line is identical.
> Haven't finished the work of adding it yet, but it's already showing
> benefits. Not the least of which is I can open a subproject by itself, and
> just build that, which is completely impossible with qmake.
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