[Scons-users] It appears that StackOverflow is the new wiki…

Russel Winder russel at winder.org.uk
Mon Jan 12 14:35:50 EST 2015

On Mon, 2015-01-12 at 20:14 +0100, Dirk Bächle wrote:
> However, for the link above I intentionally didn't answer. I'd like 
> to suggest that we really try to direct these kind of in-depth
> discussions to our User/Developer MLs. Trying to figure out what the 
> user really wants, and finding a solution, has an added value
> to it in my opinion. So I'd like to have this thread in our own 
> archives...and not on SO.
> If there is no answer yet, we could leave a comment saying (fig.): 
> "This requires an in-depth discussion, please come to our mailing
> list...where all the experts are."

I have asked them to email the user mailing list. I think they want to 
do lots of things with hard links instead of copying due to NFS 
things, and likely have some putative changes to SCons. I'll push them 
to email.

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