[Scons-users] Advice sought

Dirk Baechle tshortik at gmx.de
Sun Feb 8 15:41:17 EST 2015


Am 08.02.2015 um 20:28 schrieb Dominic Binks:
> Sure.
> The file builds probably 200 files.  We use a couple of third party libraries which contribute most of this count.  I estimate about
> half will go to target, approximately half to host, and probably 10% that will go to both.
> VariantDirs may solve my problem, but I've not yet had a feel for how to make them work for it.  I had thought to do something like
> that but from what I've read on the wiki, to use VariantDir you need to map the source files to the variant.

just on this one point: Don't use VariantDir directly! Instead, look at section 15.1 "Specifying a Variant Directory Tree as Part of 
an SConscript Call" in the UserGuide. You can also find a simple example of the basic setup in the "pyconde_2013/examples/exvar" 
folder of


. When used correctly, variant dirs allow you to write your SConscripts *without* referring to one of your "build" folders.



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