[Scons-users] dependencies on directories

Tom Tanner trtanner at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 29 06:11:45 EST 2015

On 28/12/15 11:37, Dirk Bächle wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> On 28.12.2015 11:45, Tom Tanner (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON) wrote:
>> After I persuaded the guy in question to fix *his* dependencies, I 
>> discovered that the 'Install' builder appears to do something similar 
>> but different. It appears to generate a directory as a target. And 
>> the dependencies are strange indeed. Because the directory appears to 
>> depend on files that don't exist but *might*.
>> For instance I get the following list of dependencies:
>> bahblah/dirname:
>> source/this.h
>> source/this.hpp
>> source/this.hh
>> source/this.hxx
> I think I know where that comes from. Some Tools use the call 
> "File.rexists()" to check whether an accompanying file like "foo.hpp" 
> exists for a source "foo.c". The problem is, that the File node gets 
> added by this function if it doesn't exist...and that's where all the 
> extra files come from.
> In one of the last revisions ( 
> https://bitbucket.org/scons/scons/pull-requests/193/new-method-rentry_exists_on_disk/diff 
> ), I added the new method "Dir.rentry_exists_on_disk()" which only 
> peeks onto the disk, but doesn't create new nodes.
> However, the Tools haven't all been switched to the new method, yet. 
> Can you name the tools that you use, so we might come up with an 
> attack plan for this?
> I'm really interested in this topic because I ran into the same 
> problems you seem to have now, when trying to combine the Qt4 Tool 
> with RPM packaging of the sources automatically...
> Best regards,
> Dirk
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Ah ha. Both the default QT tool and the QT5 tool from 
https://bitbucket.org/dirkbaechle/scons_qt5 have this function:

def find_file(filename, paths, node_factory):
     for dir in paths:
         node = node_factory(filename, dir)
         if node.rexists():
             return node
     return None

which needs to be replaced:

def find_file(filename, paths, node_factory, dir_factory):
     for dir in paths:
         dir = dir_factory(dir)
         if dir.rentry_exists_on_disk(filename):
             return node_factory(filename, dir)
     return None

and the calls be given env.Dir

that only leaves me with the directory dependency having picked up a 
'Pseudo' target - which is easy enough to test for in my patch code, but 
I'm trying to find out why the install builder thinks it's a potential 

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