[Scons-users] dependencies on directories

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Mon Dec 28 06:37:08 EST 2015

Hi Tom,

On 28.12.2015 11:45, Tom Tanner (BLOOMBERG/ LONDON) wrote:
> After I persuaded the guy in question to fix *his* dependencies, I 
> discovered that the 'Install' builder appears to do something similar 
> but different. It appears to generate a directory as a target. And the 
> dependencies are strange indeed. Because the directory appears to 
> depend on files that don't exist but *might*.
> For instance I get the following list of dependencies:
> bahblah/dirname:
> source/this.h
> source/this.hpp
> source/this.hh
> source/this.hxx

I think I know where that comes from. Some Tools use the call 
"File.rexists()" to check whether an accompanying file like "foo.hpp" 
exists for a source "foo.c". The problem is, that the File node gets 
added by this function if it doesn't exist...and that's where all the 
extra files come from.
In one of the last revisions ( 
), I added the new method "Dir.rentry_exists_on_disk()" which only peeks 
onto the disk, but doesn't create new nodes.
However, the Tools haven't all been switched to the new method, yet. Can 
you name the tools that you use, so we might come up with an attack plan 
for this?
I'm really interested in this topic because I ran into the same problems 
you seem to have now, when trying to combine the Qt4 Tool with RPM 
packaging of the sources automatically...

Best regards,


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