[Scons-users] Use target srcnode path for cache signature

Mikael Arvids mikael.arvids at autoliv.com
Thu Dec 25 05:27:33 EST 2014

Hi Dirk,

We are using variant dirs to separate the builds of different versions of our product. The different versions will consist of the same modules, and only some of them will differ, based on configuration. So a lot of the target files will be the same for some, or all variants. Sharing cached objects between the variants would allow us to avoid handling this sharing manually in the sconscripts (using shared environments).  

Best regards,
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Ämne: Re: [Scons-users] Use target srcnode path for cache signature

Hi Mikael,

On 19.12.2014 13:34, Mikael Arvids wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently the target files cached by scons cannot be shared among builds with different variant directories. The reason is that the
> path to the target file is used for signature calculation, and this path includes the variant directory. I am currently monkey
> patching the File class in order to base the target path in the signature to the corresponding path in the source directory instead
> using srcnode(), and also changed the default compiler action to exclude the output file from the signature. Are there any case
> where this would pose a problem or would it be possible to include this change in scons? An alternative would be to include this
> behavior based on an option instead.

I'm wondering how you want to "share" targets, maybe you can give some more information about this? Usually I would use variant
directories to create a different (set of) executable(s). So the targets, like programs and libraries, would differ by design...and
therefore cannot be shared.

This leaves me a bit puzzled at the moment...

Best regards,


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