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Stijn De Ruyck Stijn.DeRuyck at onsemi.com
Tue Dec 9 05:07:04 EST 2014

Hi Roman,

Maybe a short, self-contained example of your SConstruct/SConscript might help us/me. Strip out all irrelavant bits and replace your Builder with some dummy stuff so you get the least amount of scons code that reproduces your problem.

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Hi Dirk,

> if you're using the "duplicate=0" option, remove it or set it to 
> "duplicate=1". If the error goes away then, your Builder is probably 
> not able to correctly handle the case where the source file is located 
> in a folder which is different to the target's.

I am using duplicate=0. Removing it or setting it to "duplicate=1" does not solve the problem

The problem might perhaps be related to creating the generated file in the variant dir? (with duplicate=1, generated file not existing)

scons.py project_x86/build/debug/g++/generated.cpp
scons: *** Do not know how to make File target `project_x86\build\debug\g++\generated.cpp' (D:\path\to\project\project_x86\build\debug\g++\generated.cpp).

Any other ideas how I could solve this?


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