[Scons-users] Code generation dependency problem

Roman Karlstetter Roman.Karlstetter at ifta.com
Fri Dec 5 04:58:12 EST 2014


I have a problem with dependencies and generated code in my project using scons.

I want to do the following:
 1. Generate some code which results in a *.cpp and a corresponding *.hpp file.
 2. Compile my project, including the generated files.

In most cases (especially when the generated files are up to date), everything works fine. But sometimes, scons cannot find the generated file, I assume that it is regenerating the file and at the same time trying to compile it as an object file (I can provoke the error by deleting the generated files, doing a clean build is no problem).
This is the error that I get:

scons: *** [my_file.obj] Source `my_file.cpp' not found, needed by target `my_file.obj'.

Is there a way to tell scons to wait for the cpp-file to be generated and only after that start compiling an object file from it?

Kind regards,

PS: The generated file lies next to all the other cpp-files of the project, I collect them via Glob('*.cpp')
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