[Scons-users] scons exe issue -- error is "no attribute 'main'"

Dirk Bächle tshortik at gmx.de
Fri Jul 19 15:05:32 EDT 2013


I downloaded the official production tarball for SCons 2.3.0 and
reproduced your steps on my machine (Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS). The install to
"/opt/scons-230" went smoothly and SCons is running fine. I have Python
2.7 installed as default...

There is one thing I noticed though: You seem to have Python installed
in a separate path as well. If you have more than one version installed,
it might be the case that you installed SCons with 2.5.4...but are
trying to run it with another.

Just a wild guess and it probably leads nowhere, but maybe you want to
check which version you get on a simple "python". The header of the
"scons" start script tries to call "/usr/bin/env scons"...does the
latter point to your 2.5.4 version?

Finally, two more questions:

1) Can you successfully call one of the other scripts "scons-time" or
2) Did you already try to call "scons" with the full path



On 19.07.2013 14:00, Eric S Otto wrote:

> Hi, Dirk --


> I downloaded the "Production" tarball (2.3.0) from scons.org

> <http://scons.org> and did the basic install like this:


> /apps/python/2.5.4_32bit/bin/python setup.py install

> --prefix=/data/chn_bedrock_work/eotto/transfer/scons


> My IT department also installed it in a different path, and it fails

> the same way.


> When I did it, it seemed to install normally and without any issues.


> Regarding the failure (my original complaint), it fails the same way

> whether I try to run it normally (i.e., try to build my code from a

> different directory using a Sconstruct file, etc.) or if I simply go

> to the path where scons lives and try to execute it on its own from

> there.


> Thanks for your help. I will look at the other suggestions as well,

> and continue to poke at it.


> -- Eric




> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Dirk Bächle <tshortik at gmx.de

> <mailto:tshortik at gmx.de>> wrote:


> Eric,


> On 19.07.2013 00:30, Eric S Otto wrote:


> [...]



> here's one more question or thing to try out for you. If you

> change into another directory, does the error go away? Or does

> "scons" always stop, no matter from which folder you call it?

> When testing this, you don't need an SConstruct/SConscript...at

> first we need to get SCons to import its stuff properly (which

> doesn't seem to happen at the moment ). Just call it, and check

> whether it stops with the error as before...or yells at you that

> it didn't find an input file. ;)


> Regards,


> Dirk


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