[Scons-users] scons exe issue -- error is "no attribute 'main'"

Eric S Otto eric.s.otto at seagate.com
Fri Jul 19 08:00:45 EDT 2013

Hi, Dirk --

I downloaded the "Production" tarball (2.3.0) from scons.org and did the
basic install like this:

/apps/python/2.5.4_32bit/bin/python setup.py install

My IT department also installed it in a different path, and it fails the
same way.

When I did it, it seemed to install normally and without any issues.

Regarding the failure (my original complaint), it fails the same way
whether I try to run it normally (i.e., try to build my code from a
different directory using a Sconstruct file, etc.) or if I simply go to the
path where scons lives and try to execute it on its own from there.

Thanks for your help. I will look at the other suggestions as well, and
continue to poke at it.

-- Eric

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Dirk Bächle <tshortik at gmx.de> wrote:

> Eric,


> On 19.07.2013 00:30, Eric S Otto wrote:


>> [...]



> here's one more question or thing to try out for you. If you change into

> another directory, does the error go away? Or does "scons" always stop, no

> matter from which folder you call it?

> When testing this, you don't need an SConstruct/SConscript...at first we

> need to get SCons to import its stuff properly (which doesn't seem to

> happen at the moment ). Just call it, and check whether it stops with the

> error as before...or yells at you that it didn't find an input file. ;)


> Regards,


> Dirk


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