[Scons-users] Versioned Shareable Library issues

Russell, J.J. russell at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Jul 10 12:36:59 EDT 2013

I am having two, perhaps related, issues with versioned shareable libraries. When doing a clean, SCons claims it is removing the library

> scons -c

Removed /tmp/Server/PrinterMonitor.os
Removed /tmp/Server/libkdcxserver.so.1.0.0

But it is still present.

> ls /tmp/Server/lib*

/tmp/Server/libkdcxserver.so.1@ /tmp/Server/libkdcxserver.so.1.0.0*

I note that the symbolic link 'libkdcxserver.so **has** been removed, but not the additional symlink and the actual shareable.

It then refuses to rebuild because the shareable is still there...

> scons

Compiling shared object.... /tmp/Server/PrinterManagement.cc
Compiling shared object.... /tmp/Server/PrinterMonitor.cc
Linking shared object.... /tmp/Server/libkdcxserver.so.1.0.0
scons: *** [/tmp/Server/libkdcxserver.so.1.0.0] File exists
scons: building terminated because of errors.

I know 'versioned shareables' is a semi-new feature, but even at that, this seems like an error that would have been noted by now, so I am tempted to believe I am doing something wrong.


PS: I am new to SCons, so I may not have searched the right lists for answers to questions like this.

Dr. James J. Russell
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
russell at slac.stanford.edu

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