[Scons-users] command-line call without error

Rob Deckers Rob.Deckers at vanderlande.com
Fri Dec 6 07:04:13 EST 2013

Hi all.
In my AStyle tool for SCons, I do a command line call to AStyle.
When AStyle failes, I would like to log a warning, NO error and not stop the build.
Currently, I have :
# create the style command
cmd = "${STYLEEXE} %s ${STYLEFLAGS} ${_STYLEEXCLUDEFLAGS}" % filestostyle

# Warn about the failure, but do not fail the build when Style fails.
if env.Execute(cmd):
SCons.Warnings.warn(ToolStyleWarning, "code styler tool: '%s' failed!" % (env['STYLEEXE']))
This almost works, I do not stop the build, log a warning, but ALSO an error when AStyle failes.
According to the SCons manual, this is behavior of env.Execute:
"Note that scons will print an error message if the executed action fails--that is, exits with or returns a non-zero value."
How do I NOT print an error when my command line call failes?
Best regards,

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