[Scons-users] JDK 1.7 support?

Peter Steele pwsteele at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 17:37:24 EDT 2012

Yes, in fact by setting it to 1.6, it still does compile and clean properly.
My default Java (/usr/bin/javac) points to the JDK7 binary, so I suspect it
is using this compiler instead of the JDK6 version I also have installed on
my system.

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On Thursday 06 September 2012 08:53:04 Peter Steele wrote:

> I just tried to build our Java project with scons and it complained

> that JDK 1.7 isn't supported.

Try lying to scons and set your version to 1.6. It's only used, AFAICT, to
guess the proper name of any anonymous classes that your code may use. (If
it really is the case that the 1.7 JDK uses a different anonymous class
naming strategy than 1.6, then things won't work correctly. You can test by
using scons to compile then run "scons -c" and see if all the .class files
are cleaned up.) _______________________________________________
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