[Scons-users] D and SCons

Russel Winder russel at winder.org.uk
Thu Sep 6 02:42:52 EDT 2012

I have a first cut at a second generation D support in SCons. There are
separate dmd, gdc and ldc tools all of which appear to work, well they
pass the few tests there are just now, there needs to be more. Further
the tools are integrated into the SCons defaulting and selection scheme
so you should be able to get sensible behaviour with the default

This latter feature necessitates changing the SCons core code, which
means it isn't easy to work with the tools in a repository/package
separate from the SCons core code as was originally being tried
(successfully). I will I think delete the SCons_D_Support repository to
avoid trying to keep two codebases in sync. So if you want this up to
date D support, you will need to use a fork of SCons. But that isn't
hard, and it is only till there is a pull request, merging of the
changes and new release of SCons.

The fork of SCons is on BitBucket

I will merge in any updates to the mainline so this will always be an
up-to-date SCons default/tip plus new D support.

Feel free to clone the repository, there is a mechanism for executing
scons from the repository (see bootstrap.py) and if anyone has changes
and pull requests there is the BitBucket system. Until a pull request is
created and there is a merge to mainline, any bugs in the D tools should
be reported at https://bitbucket.org/russel/scons_d_tooling/issues

Once a few people have been trying it (in anger, but hopefully not in
anger) for a while and it appears there are no problems not already
fixed, then it will be time to create a pull request to merge back into
the mainline.


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