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 7 years ago Jaz pulled Killing Joke out of a show where they were due to play third string to The Cult and The Mission. It shows that they do have some sort of quality control and care about who they rub shoulders with.  
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 I’m neither here nor there about them musically. I seem to only hear it in two scenarios. 1. Is on the radio, which is rare I even listen, an I usually don’t have the time nor patience to get to the good parts. 2. Someone’s house/party and the person obsessing over how great they are is:A. Way drunk and/or stoned. Annoyingly so. And I’m typically stammering and belligerent.B. A drummer 
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I never realised Tool (and their fans) divided people so much. It is interesting. What's thereason? I know little about the band, apart from the fact that the singer seems to wind people up for some reason.I'm agnostic about Tool. I have to be in a very particular mood to want to hear them, but I like thatlong song groovy hypnotic tricksy-rhythms thing they do. But I can't listen to a whole album's worth of it.And I haven't listened to them at all for years.
I remember blasting that Opiate EP and the first album back in the day, but I don't own themanymore so they can't have stood the test of the time. The only Tool record I have is Lateralus,which I think has a few amazing songs on it - Parabola and Reflection. I'm listening to the new onenow, and see they've really gone for the stretched out hypnotic groove thing in a big way. I quite like it.
As for KJ, kudos to Tool for getting them on the tour. I hope they get a good pay day and can playto a crowd that, at least some of them anyway, will be aware of KJ. And maybe some more will
investigate KJ for the first time. Being suddenly hitched to the big story of the day can't hurt.


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Tool comes with quite a substantial and grandiose light show.
I doubt the opening act/KJ will have full lighting.

Even if KJ comes with more fury- I’m sure it could stand out in the minds of some, but i doubt it will seem they outdo Tool.

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> It seems that Tool respects quality musicians/music such as King Crimson and Killing Joke by having them open for them.  Having a not so good band open for them would make them look better.  Could Tool be taking a chance they would be outperformed musically?

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