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T.B. planetary at socal.rr.com
Mon Sep 9 13:19:48 EDT 2019

I have a few of their albums, I'm mostly a casual fan at best.  I saw them early on when they opened for Ministry back in '92.  Honestly, compared to most if not all the other bands Killing Joke has opened for or played festivals with the past couple decades, especially when paired with hacks like Motley Crue, Tool is far from being the worst fit.  It seems that Killing Joke is asked to support many of this bigger bands thanks to one or two members being long time fans (Nikki Sixx, Duff McKagan, etc).  I'd be more concerned with the very tight touring schedule, I can easily see especially Jaz burning out doing nearly 30 shows over a 6 week span.  But this will undoubtedly give the band a decent payday, no doubt a lot more than the club size headlining shows they normally do.  I certainly don't begrudge the band trying to make some money doing the hard work of playing to potentially some new fans despite the otherwise shitty price and cavernous arena settings. Will be interesting to hear how they go over with the weird prog-metal Tool fanbase.

BTW, this video perfectly describes the typical Tool fan:



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Tool is the non-Canadian version of Rush. There are (waaay ttttooo annoying) fanatics and then everyone else that just accepts they exist.
Unless I get a free invite to a suite I won’t be going. Even though KJ have not been in Detroit proper since 2003.


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