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Tool is the non-Canadian version of Rush. There are (waaay ttttooo annoying) fanatics and then everyone else that just accepts they exist.
Unless I get a free invite to a suite I won’t be going. Even though KJ have not been in Detroit proper since 2003.


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Fucking hell.. Sounds like someone got outta the wrong side of bed

On 9 Sep 2019 16:02, Alex Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> wrote:
Sorry, but .....

"Top selling band" -- this is meaningless. Sales are no indication of quality.

"brilliant musicians" --- This is subjective.

"Gigs are in huge venues" -- Not a selling point.

"Worth the price" --  Strenuously debatable.

I'm not going,
-Alex in NYC

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Tool is currently the top selling band in the US, they're brilliant musicians, and the gigs are in huge venues. Of course it's worth the price.

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How do people feel about the joke opening for tool? And the US joke tickets are usually $25 and now they are between 250 and 1500. I checked out tool and they sound interesting but who is worth that kind of money?

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