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Yes, agreed, finding stuff in those days was magical in a way that it just can't be now.

Ha! was actually the first KJ record I bought, prompted by seeing them on C4 & falling instantly in love with Pssyche.

My favourite record fair memory is finding cassettes of The Bum's Rush (bootleg of a bootleg) and something titled Killing Joke In Dub (very different from the recent-ish triple CD), in er, 1986 I think.

Best ever memory of KJ is hard to choose.  Maybe seeing them do a soundcheck in 1989 (you've all heard the story, probably several times).  Maybe listening to the 7" of Love Like Blood for the first time.  Maybe the visceral sense of a band re-born when Extremities came out.  Maybe seeing Youth on stage with them for the first time (for me) on the Pandemonium tour.  Maybe that sweaty gig at the Underworld after years of drought.  Or Astoria 1991: "This is for everyone who's gonna die in the Gulf.  Waaaaardance!"

Or the Subterrania gig.

Or my first ever Joke gig - Hammersmith Palais July 1983.

Or the first time I heard Change.

Actually - maybe it was the time Transmission played London (Rob & t'other Jamie were roadying) - first time I'd seen the original rhythm section on stage together, and I figured it would be the last.

But there are plenty more to choose from...


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First gig/awesome gigs will always be special, of course, but I thinkI was happiest when I was just starting to get into them and pickingup all those non-albums tracks etc. at records fairs. There was nointernet so it was just records shops/fairs and Record Collectormagazine. Buying a single or 12", taking it home, and hearing thosetracks for the first time. Hard to pick one out but possibly Ha! if Ihad to. That may not seem rare to us now but back then it was likefinding treasure.On 3/3/18, The Stranger via Gathering <gathering at misera.net> wrote:> Fellow Gatherers,> Please share your fondest or strangest Killing Joke related memory. Whether> in a concert hall, on a city street or in your own bleedin’ head!!> Fire,> Adam_______________________________________________Gathering mailing listGathering at misera.nethttps://pairlist4.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/gathering
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