[kj] Roll Call!!

Paul Rangecroft paul.rangecroft at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 10:44:59 EST 2018

First gig/awesome gigs will always be special, of course, but I think
I was happiest when I was just starting to get into them and picking
up all those non-albums tracks etc. at records fairs. There was no
internet so it was just records shops/fairs and Record Collector
magazine. Buying a single or 12", taking it home, and hearing those
tracks for the first time. Hard to pick one out but possibly Ha! if I
had to. That may not seem rare to us now but back then it was like
finding treasure.

On 3/3/18, The Stranger via Gathering <gathering at misera.net> wrote:
> Fellow Gatherers,
> Please share your fondest or strangest Killing Joke related memory. Whether
> in a concert hall, on a city street or in your own bleedin’ head!!
> Fire,
> Adam

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