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Interview with Youth, Killing Joke bass player

On the occasion of it's 40th career anniversary, Killing Joke is pleased to announce it's world tour "Laugh At Your Peril" which will be going through Paris this Saturday, October 27th at Cabaret Sauvage and ending at the Roundhouse in London on Saturday, November 17th. .
With brutal, uncompromising music, and targeted lyrics, Jaz Coleman, Geordie, Youth, and Big Paul, Killing Joke's original band, deliver the best of their careers. The band continues to bring their resistance music to new levels, both in the studio and on the road ...
Killing Joke has influenced many bands such as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden among others. A real mix of musical ingenuity that has allowed Killing Joke to continue in all genres, from punk to Gothic rock, to electronics and metal.
With a discography of fifteen albums, almost all ranked in the top 100 of the British charts, they are not only prolific, they are true pioneers. Killing Joke is not in a particular musical style because it prefers to do what it wants and do it well, without setting limits.
Rock Metal Mag was able to talk for a few moments with Martin "Youth" Glover, bassist from Killing Joke.

Rock Metal Mag : You celebrate your 40 years of career with the release of a box of 16 disks, how long have you been preparing it?
Youth : We are not taking out this box because of licensing issues and logistical difficulties. The production required 130,000 euros and we had no choice but to give up. It was too ambitious and it was too expensive to sell, about 600 euros the box. So we plan to release a box of 4 albums containing bonuses.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : You have made a musical documentary about the 30 years of the group "  The Death and Resurrection Show  "  is what you think to redo a DVD on your last 10 years.
Youth : No. This film has been made thanks to fans who have followed us for more than 10 years and it's a famous episode of Killing Joke. Fans love it. But we can not do another film, like this one, on our last ten years. Jaz might like it but I think Universal would probably not agree. (laughter)____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : Your tour has 45 dates and started in the USA on September 1st and since October 15th in Hamburg in Europe, is everything going well?

Youth : It's great and the tour in the USA was a very enjoyable time for all of us. We will be happy to repeat a new tour in the United States. Jaz loves America. The welcome is also very warm in Europe. The tour ends in the United Kingdom from November 2nd and the last date will be in London on November 17th.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : You were at Hellfest in 2015 did you have a good memory and would you like to come back to it?

Youth : yes excellent, and I would like to return.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : Have you started working on a new album?

Youth : Not yet. There will surely be another album. We may start in March or April. It will be even better than the last. We are always trying to improve and as the music progresses.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : I thought there was in anticipation, a symphonic album?

Youth : Jaz has planned a symphonic album by Killing Joke with a Russian symphony orchestra. He will reinterpret classic Killing Joke albums with the "St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra"____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : Apart from Killing Joke have you played in many bands including The Fireman?
Youth : Yes I formed the electro-experimental duo The Fireman with Paul McCartney and it goes back to 1993. Ten years ago, in 2008, we released our latest album, "  Electric Arguments ".____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : You also participated in the Hypnopazūzu project?

Youth : In 2016 with David Tibet we released "Create Christ, Sailor Boy", very psychedelic, authentic, both timeless and current, with a lot of acoustics. It's a very personal vision and I was inspired by books, films and esotericism. A new album is on the way.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : You are known as a Killing Joke bassist but you are also a producer?
Youth : Yes I worked with many bands like Primal Scream, Crowded House and Depeche Mode. I co-produced Pink Floyd's album, "The Endless River" and Culture Club's album "Tribes" (Editor's note: in 2015). And many more.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : Today killing Joke is composed of its original Line up, is there always the same complicity between you and the same energy?

Youth : For 40 years nothing has changed. the alchemy between the members of the group and the dynamics has not changed. But I think that what creates this dynamic between us are our oppositions, our jokes and also our confrontations. There are ups and downs, but we manage to support ourselves on tour and it's great to play together after all these years. On the other hand outside the tours we do not see each other.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : Since your return in 2008 what is the best memory of Killing Joke?
Youth : Oh there are some and especially those that I did under LSD, but they are older .. When I was 21 years old I made a hell of a trip under LSD and I used to spend a lot of money on the street to find my stuff. I was in a strange state of mind like Syd Barrett. It was a very mystical trip and there were very weird things that happened when we were playing. And this kind of mystical experience remains a sacred memory.____________________________________________________

Rock Metal Mag : And in the last 10 years, what is the concert that has had the most impact?
Youth : I can not say which one. Maybe those we gave in Mexico City and Lima in Peru, Dallas and also the European concerts that were phenomenal.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag : The last coming of Killing Joke in Paris was in 2016 at L'Elysée Montmartre, tonight the concert is complete, and 40 years after your debut the audience is at the rendezvous you explain how such a success?

Youth : I love Paris and the Parisian public. And it's great to play at the sold out venue. When we play we do not want the audience to leave disappointed, so we try to give it the maximum it has come to hear while playing what we want to play. It is a challenge for ourselves and the public that we respect as artists. We are not a banal entertainment machine, we love what we do, passionately ... You have to be yourself. You have to work on yourself, work on your ego, develop humility and trust, but stay humble. This may be the key to our success.____________________________________________________  

Rock Metal Mag thanks Martin "Youth" Glover and Roger from Replica Promotion
Our Live Report at Cabaret Sauvage:  https://rockmetalmag.fr/killing-joke-turbowolf-au-cabaret-sauvage/ (Use Google Translate)_______________________________________________
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