[kj] Killing Joke in the Age of Trump

Rob Moss rob.moss at gmx.com
Fri Jan 27 02:31:30 EST 2017

I've been trying to look at it from an optimistic angle

For years we have been bogged down by the political system wherever we may be. The system slows things down and we have seen men and women with great intention and integrity reduced to nothingness because they let the system slow it down or, even worse, joined it. 

I ask what Obama really achieved? Obama care, sure. Some say it's a success. Some say it's a disaster. But he achieved his goal. 

He also vowed the shit down Guantanamo   He didn't. 

Sure he's cool and intelligent and he certainly didn't make the place less safe. But what is his legacy?? Not sure. 

And so to Trump

A fat, racist, bald man in denial. I find him repulsive. 


We have him. For better for worse. 


Maybe he could be the revolution politics needs. His attitude is revolutionary. Right down to his communication preference. Twitter. We are all sick of politics being what it is. We want change ( so said a band I know of). No one delivers. 

But Trump could be the one who shakes it all up and forces the world to do politics in a whole New way. Is he the Johnny Rotten of politics? Is he a revolutionary who will forever change the way our politicians do business?

He is advocating buy American. That will stimulate the US economy. I'm sure. And if the IS does well, then the chances are the rest will too. 
Will he build the wall? I don't think so really. 
But will he challenge and change. Yes. I think he will. 

And I have to remain optimistic that the change will be for good. Maybe not now, maybe in 10,20 years. But let's hope he can be a force for positive change

Or else we are fucked. 

> On 27 Jan 2017, at 01:25, Alexander Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> wrote:
> At the risk of possibly re-igniting the surreally hostile thread I participated in back in November (wherein certain member of our estimable collective got a bit combative on the subject of the election to the point where I actually left the fold for a bit), I’m wondering how everyone’s feeling only six days into the era of Trump as President.
> My feelings haven’t changed. I still believe it was an incalculable mistake.
> But what about you?
> More relevant to this list … where are Messrs. Coleman, Walker, Glover and Ferguson? I know Youth has weighed in periodically on FB about Trump (he, unsurprisingly, does not appear to be a acolyte), but I’m positively gagging to hear what Jaz and BPF have to say about him.
> Anyway, let’s hear your thoughts. I promise not to swan off like jilted prom queen. I’m just wondering what this largely Euro-centric (right?) group of folks have to say at this point.
> The mood here in NYC, suffice to say, is not positive.
> Cheers, you fuckers.
> Alex in NYC.
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